Monday, November 28, 2016

Hello World....Again (Update, Nov 11 2016)

Yoo hoo.

Hello world.

This is a very informal post to say that yes I am still around. For the last year I have contracted the services of Roger Kammerer; a genealogist based in North Carolina. He has helped me expand my mother's side of the tree (both maternal and paternal). As of today, me and my mum are taking steps to verify the information on her mother's side.

If we can verify it, I will have some very interesting news to report. We will also be able to move back in time without need to question the veracity of the information.

I'll save my excitement for when we verify the info.
If we have the wrong info, i'll take comfort in the fact that we will have eliminated at least 4 lines with similar names in the same county of South Carolina (Saluda or Edgefield); where Benjamin Franklin Griffin and Dora Ethel Middleton lived.

I will be redoing this site soon. The layout and the wording can be better. And as I would like this to be a professional genealogy blog with the narrative to match, wording is everything.

I'll have to combine my narrative voice and my "this is how you too can search for your family history" voice better.

Stay tuned