Monday, January 26, 2015

Native ancestry

According to 23andMe, on standard mode, my family is:

Me: 1.1% East Asian and Native American (1.4% in speculative mode)
Mother: 1.2% (1.5%)
Grandmother: 1.1% (1.4%)
Grandfather: 0.7% (0.8%)
Uncle: 0.8% (1.1%)

The average for Native ancestry in African Americans is about at my grandfather/uncle's standard range. So anything above that is considered more substantial/significant. So for now it looks like we may have Native ancestry via one of grandma's ancestors. This is pretty cool as we would be one of those rare African American families whose stories of Native ancestry turn out to be more than just oral legend, as it seems more often the case.

I suspect that my grandma probably has more like 3-5% dna East Asian and Native American dna, though the majority probably comes from SE Asia. The amount given for native ancestry is most likely correct.

If this site is any indication it looks like we're looking at approx. grandma's great-great-great for native ancestry. Hopefully one day we'll connect the dots.

"Additional relatives of my grandfather Paul Youngman have been tested by 23andMe including two first cousins and two second cousins. These cousins also descend from John M. Armstrong and their DNA results indicate that they each have between four and six Asian segments. My mother, her first cousins, and her second cousins on the Armstrong side have approximately 1% Asian ancestry as per their Ancestry Painting profiles. Since my mother is a great-great-great-great-great-granddaughter of Chief Tarhe one would expect that approximately 1/128 of her autosomal DNA came from him. The DNA evidence suggests that my mother does indeed have Native American ancestry and it seems highly probable that her only Native American ancestor within the past seven generations is Chief Tarhe.

Autosomal DNA has the potential to reveal much about our ancestral origins. In my case 23andMe’s Ancestry Painting feature and the Native American Ancestry Finder tool have helped confirm my Native American ancestry on the Armstrong side of my family, but have disproved any Native American ancestry on the Lawrence side. I would encourage others who have been tested by 23andMe to review their results using these tools. You might be surprised with what you find!"


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