Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Courtesy of Radiant Roots, Boricua Branches

Courtesy of Radiant Roots, Boricua Branches

The above blog post was made in an effort to help those of us trying to uncover possible Malagasy roots. The writer herself is of Malagasy ancestry. So while the rest of us are trying to find mere signs of remnants of the Malagasy, she herself has a haplogroup that is in fact exclusive to Madagascar. Fortunately enough she created her post to help people struggling with both issues. I followed her suggestions of using the specific genetic calculators mentioned on Gedmatch and searching for the components which make up the Malagasy genepool. These are meant to be taken together. One can't just assume Malagasy ancestry only having one or two of these. 

Here is a spreadsheet of my family's results:

Teresa's comments:
You need to now research where your ancestors resided as well as look at the haplogroups of your DNA cousins on Gedmatch. If everything looks positive, you may want to have a mtDNA test done or have a male relative take a Y-DNA test. The more proof you have, the better. You results look good though.


In addition to this I spoke once more to my mother about the Native American legend that i've been hearing for so long now. There seems to be some confusion about whether it is Native American or Indian, as in the country India. This is not helped by the fact that we seem to have both ancestries. I am infinitely confused and so this can only be solved by trying to locate the mother of my great grandfather, Benjamin Franklin Griffin. He is my grandmother's father and apparently it is suppose to be his mother that is supposed to be the bearer of this ancestry. So I will have to see if she is listed as anything out of the ordinary on the census. Hopefully once we locate her one piece of the puzzle will be revealed.

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