Thursday, January 29, 2015

World 9



  1. It was by fate that I ran into your information online. We need to talk. A lot of the information that you have mentioned on the Carmon/ Brown side I too have discovered it. I think you have more than I do. We have a Family Reunion coming up on August 8 2015 in Fayetteville NC but we are from Ayden NC ... I good place to continue the search is the 1940 and 1930 US census records of Pitt County NC Ayden township.

    My Grandmother born Nora Harper...mother Victoria Carmon Harper/ father Lub Harper. In one census Victoria Harper children listed: Nora, Mary, L B , William, the Jane listed should actually be James O Harper, Lubbie
    In a further back census Victoria Carmon listed as a child of Winnie (Brown) Carmon and Frank Carmon. My great grandmother had brothers and sisters listed with her in that census (like: Moses, Annie, Robert,ect ) still in the Ayden and Rt 1 Winterville NC townships. We talking 1895, 1940. 1930, 1915, 1909 marriage, death, cemetary records ( some family buried at Zion Hill church cemetary).

    One day I hope to be able to get all this information together and chrono/dated. ect.

    1. What is your email? I'm sorry I haven't been on a while.