Thursday, February 13, 2014

Aunt Dot, Family Research, Grandfather's DNA Tribes

Aunt Dot
Born in Ward, South Carolina raised in Columbo/us/ia, South Carolina.
Aunt Elma Stokes (Original- Middleton).
Bea Griffin

So today I have finally gotten around to talking to my Aunt Dot about the family. I realized that she was a part of the Griffin side of the family, which is a great piece of knowledge since I thought that they were all either in South Carolina, or, who knows where.

There will be family pictures up soon. Probably in the next few hours. I am glad to finally have a piece of them that will be stored in digital memory for all of posterity. 

I learned that my maternal grandfather was a Benjamin Franklin Griffin who would have been able to "Pass for white", if he wanted to...With "Nice, curly hair". I previously knew of Benjamin Franklin Griffin and his assumed Native American ancestry, which still might be a reality (Grandma has, after all, about 5% Asian DNA according to DNA Tribes). This revelation kind of echoes what my own intuition has told me. Basically that there is a lot of admixture in my family. The things people have told me throughout my life has echoed this, as have the conclusions I have come to myself. I do love that I am still very much on my own personal journey of identity...So much more valuable that it is removed and detached from the collective forms of identity that permeate our society.

Anyways, Aunt Dot also told me about Isaac Griffin, her grandfather. He was previously not on my family tree, so now he is. She was also able to tell me her mother's full name before she became a Griffin: Dora Ethel Middleton. 

She's pretty impressed with my work on the family tree. I am just very glad to be able to learn from her. The pieces of the puzzle are coming together slowly.

In other news, my grandfather's DNA Tribes results have come in today. 

Grandfather William Carmon: 

I previously guessed that he would most likely have a lot of Middle Eastern DNA. But most likely that connection comes through his Dogon (Mali) and Hausa. So he certainly has a Middle Eastern connection, but it is intertwined with, rather than separated from his Subsaharan. Again, L3d is the Haplogroup which splits into the nonAfrican Haplogroups M and N.

Also, Mordvin (Russian, possibly also some Turkish admixture), Chuckchi Russian Federation and Koryak Russian Federation are also very interesting.



  1. Very nice post Cuz, glad you're getting a change to connect with family and gain information, photos and bond. Looking forward to hearing about your visit more and seeing the photos.