Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Dora Ethel Middleton?

So finally here is one of the pictures that I promised. I took a picture of this lady at Aunt Dot's house. But it is not Aunt Dorothy herself. I believe it is her mother. I will call her soon and reconfirm. If it is her mother, this would mean it is Dora Mae Griffin, aka Dora Ethel Middleton, o is also my grandmother Jeanette (Carmon) Post's mother (As Dot and Jeanette are sisters). 

It looks like this may actually be my Great Aunt. My grandmother's sister's sister or something lol. I will have to come back to this. 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Memories, New 23 and Me match

I've loved this entire week and I cherish the time i've spent with my mother, aunt, aunts, uncles, grandma, nieces, nephews, :). My grandmother's newest matches on 23 and Me are from one person who's Mom's Dad is from Myanmar and whose Mom's Mom is from Malaysia as well. The total is 5.3 Centimorgans.

Aunt Dot, Family Research, Grandfather's DNA Tribes

Aunt Dot
Born in Ward, South Carolina raised in Columbo/us/ia, South Carolina.
Aunt Elma Stokes (Original- Middleton).
Bea Griffin

So today I have finally gotten around to talking to my Aunt Dot about the family. I realized that she was a part of the Griffin side of the family, which is a great piece of knowledge since I thought that they were all either in South Carolina, or, who knows where.

There will be family pictures up soon. Probably in the next few hours. I am glad to finally have a piece of them that will be stored in digital memory for all of posterity. 

I learned that my maternal grandfather was a Benjamin Franklin Griffin who would have been able to "Pass for white", if he wanted to...With "Nice, curly hair". I previously knew of Benjamin Franklin Griffin and his assumed Native American ancestry, which still might be a reality (Grandma has, after all, about 5% Asian DNA according to DNA Tribes). This revelation kind of echoes what my own intuition has told me. Basically that there is a lot of admixture in my family. The things people have told me throughout my life has echoed this, as have the conclusions I have come to myself. I do love that I am still very much on my own personal journey of identity...So much more valuable that it is removed and detached from the collective forms of identity that permeate our society.

Anyways, Aunt Dot also told me about Isaac Griffin, her grandfather. He was previously not on my family tree, so now he is. She was also able to tell me her mother's full name before she became a Griffin: Dora Ethel Middleton. 

She's pretty impressed with my work on the family tree. I am just very glad to be able to learn from her. The pieces of the puzzle are coming together slowly.

In other news, my grandfather's DNA Tribes results have come in today. 

Grandfather William Carmon: 

I previously guessed that he would most likely have a lot of Middle Eastern DNA. But most likely that connection comes through his Dogon (Mali) and Hausa. So he certainly has a Middle Eastern connection, but it is intertwined with, rather than separated from his Subsaharan. Again, L3d is the Haplogroup which splits into the nonAfrican Haplogroups M and N.

Also, Mordvin (Russian, possibly also some Turkish admixture), Chuckchi Russian Federation and Koryak Russian Federation are also very interesting.


Monday, February 10, 2014

Aunt Dot

My soul is very happy. Currently grandma is doing very well and I am going to see my mother tomorrow and take her to be with the rest of the family. It's been too long (I haven't seen her in ages nor have I seen the rest of the family). I will be making regular trips to see my mom down in Ohio from now on for sure. We're going to be staying elsewhere this week however. In a different state where our family lives. I want to see if I can start planning trips for her to come own to the two states where the majority of our family are now (One being North Carolina). There is a family reunion this year and I will feel great to be there with her. These are relationships I need to work better to mend and if I want to learn more about the family, now is the time to do it. This time is almost like a miracle in my life, now when I need it.

We're going to be staying with an Aunt Dot/Dorothy. Haha, back on the family tree this is one of the sisters of Jeanette Carmon. Dorothy Carmon. It will be kind of amazing to be living with a woman with as much history in her veins as my grandmother. I am going to cherish this experience.

Can't wait for tomorrow.
My heart is well :).

Grandfather's DNA Tribes coming soon

Grandfather's DNA Tribes results should also be in, in a few days as well. I am currently dealing with some hard times, seeing as my grandma is in the hospital. It looks like she will/might recover and I wish so with all of my heart. I am so indebted to them for the gift of their dna in my veins and also their patience with allowing me to send their samples to 23 and Me. Without them the journey wouldn't be possible.

Get well soon grandma :).

Sunday, February 2, 2014

DNA Tribes

I have not been here in quite some time. I just started school again recently. I'm taking 4 classes this semester, including 2 Italian classes, Chemistry Lab and Lecture, and an African Civilizations class. Last semester I earned a 3.764 and I want to continue to do as well in my classes, as well as to dedicate my time to my nonacademic interests, which including Horror Photography and Film (I recently completed a short film and will be creating another one in the next few months. This time I am creating a short film whose purpose will be to market a full length movie I am currently writing.) Needless to say, my Ancestry account is down for now, but I will be looking to get it back up in the future. I am considering hiring someone else to help me sift through all of this information in the future. With so many names and countries of origin it is hard to know where to begin searching for ancestors. I am currently as far back as 1825 and, as far as I know, my descendant lines are still in America at this point.

However, I have recently did what's known as an SNP Data Upload with the genetic company called DNA Tribes. Basically this test allows you to upload your dna from a previous test (I use my grandmother's Raw 23 and Me file) and to have the experts at DNA Tribes tell you which populations you match in their database.

This is my Grandmother's results. Basically she is about 83% Sub-Saharan African, 12.6% European, 2.5% East Asian, and 1% Native American. These percentages are broken down even further. I find that the percentage of Asian, both in Naxi, China (In the Yunan region) and Iban, Borneo (On the Malay Archipeligo, I believe) are very interesting. There is also the Kumyk, a Turkic population living in an area of Russia known as Dagestan. Together this brings her Asian score to around 5%.

I think it's also interesting that her European is classified as Finnish. She certainly has some ancestry (Large segments of dna, not random small segments) from there, but she also has ancestry (Again larger, more significant segments) from the UK, Ireland, etc). What I think this means is that the majority of her European "Reads" as Finnish because it is more Eurasian/Uralic. It is more on par with people say, Russia, Finland, Romania, Slovenia, Serbia, Hungary, Turkeyt etc (All countries she has connections with). It's possible some more Asian is hiding out in the European as well. 

My grandmother's Hungarian and Turkish dna reminds me of a little discovery I made a few months ago. While watching a film called Bathory, about the so called vampire queen, I became interested in whether or not there was an ancient connection on a genetic level between people from Africa and Hungary. Like whether or not there were people who had both mixtures in their blood at a very early time. I was already well versed in the presence AfroHungarians. These are people of African and Hungarian descent who are living in Hungary now, as many of their parents have for decades (Not sure for how long).  But I sought to make a deeper connection.

I discovered that back during the time of the Ottoman Empire, there were Hungarian soldiers who intermarried with Nubians. They are called Magyarabs. 

Here is part of the entry for Magyarabs on Wikipedia:
According to legend, Christian Hungarians who had only recently been brought under the control of the Ottoman Empire formed a part of the Ottoman army that was fighting in southern Egypt. Evidently, a portion or the entirety of the fighting unit remained there and intermarried with the local Nubian women.
According to local Magyarabs, their ancestor was Ibrahim el-Magyar, a general who came from Buda (present-day Budapest) in 1517, he married with a local Nubian woman, they had a son called Ali, Ali had five sons: Selabi, Mustafa, Djelaleddin, Musa and Iksa, Ali's five sons were the ancestor of all Magyarabs. Magyarabs are the members of the World Federation of Hungarians (Magyarok Világszövetsége) since 1992 and still consider themselves as Hungarians.


For those of you whom are interested, here is the film Bathory.

I am a big history nerd for those of you who don't know.

Very soon I will do this test for my Grandfather as well. I believe that he is going to score very high on Middle Eastern since I know that his Haplogroup and his own DNA seems to have some Middle Eastern and North African affinity. In fact, now on the synopsis for his genome on 23 and Me, it says that "It looks like you might have ancestry from the Palestinian Territory, since large segments of your dna is identical to people from that region."