Sunday, January 19, 2014

Family heirlooms

So the talk with my uncle went great. He has a lot of old photos of the grandparents and the rest of the family . Hopefully he has some of them at different times and ages. My aunt has some photos of the rest of the family as well, including myself. Hopefully they will be able to send them to me via phone in the next few weeks. I don't want originals. Via phone is good enough. I learned that there was a fire when my mother was younger and a lot of older pictures were destroyed. But there seem to be a wealth of pictures that still exist of many of the older generations. I can't wait to see them.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Carmon family line

I am going to be speaking to my uncle about a family reunion he had down in the south in 2012 or 2013. He might be able to get me into contact with other family members that are directly related to the Carmon family line. I will ask him about it tonight. Names. Dates. Times. #Papertrails.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Grandfather's Haplogroup L3d1-5

I have been researching on an off the last few days. I have not come across any genealogical surprises, however I do have a surprise on the genetics end of things.

This is one of my grandfather's current matches.

Middle Eastern ancestry, or I should say, more than the mere 0.20 percent he had previously (5 cM Turkey, 7.5 cM from Syria) is something I anticipated after reading about his haplogroup (L3d1-5). The origin of the haplogroup is widely contested. However one thing remains clear. There are people from West-Central Africa, North Africa, East Africa, the Middle East, and also African Americans who share this haplogroup (1-5 is all inclusive apparently. Perhaps because it cannot be reliably broken into subhaplotypes. Which may be because of the aforementioned dispute on its origins).   

L3 is believed to have arisen in Eastern Africa between 84,000 to 104,000 years ago. An analysis of 369 complete African L3 sequences places the maximum of its expansion at ∼70 ka, virtually ruling out a successful exit out of Africa before 74 ka, the date of the Toba volcanic super-eruption in Sumatra. The Time to Most Recent Common Ancestor for the L3 lineage has also recently been estimated to be between 58,900 to 70,200 Years ago.
 So L3 is differentiated from M and N but not from other L3 haplotypes, even those geographically distant, say carriers from West Africa and those from Yemen.

Here are some sources on the issue:
L3d1-5 come from Syria, "L3d - West-Central Africa. Among the Fulani,[5] Chadians,[5] Ethiopians,[13] Akan people,[14] Mozambique,[13] and Yemen[13] (Egyptians) reference behar"

L3 is actually the haplogroup from which all other nonAfrican haplogroups split (Into M and N). So some purport that is of West African origin, while others believe that it has either an East African, Middle Eastern, or Eurasian origin. Given the evidence, that is, the number of people with the haplogroup itself, any of these plausible.

In addition to being popular among West Africans and African Americans:

Subhaplogroup L3d - West Africa Fulbe
Subhaplogroup L3d1- Central Africa- Among the Fulani, Cushitic and Oromo Ethiopians, 3% Mozambique and 5% in Yemen Pereira et al. (2001) and Salas et al. (2002).
A number of types are found in SouthEastern Africa, including one type (in L3d1), matching a Fulbe/Fulani lineage
however relative L3d1"5* is found in Syria, among other places (Chad, Kenya), so maybe it has a West Asian origin (ref. post), however a North African origin is more likely in my opinion.
>L3d1-5 [L3d1-5*: Kenya, Chad, Syria]
_______________________________>>>L3d1a [L3d1a*: Yemen]
__________________________________>L3d1a1 [West Africa, Chad, Kenya, SA, Yemen, Brahui]
_______________________________>L3d1b [West Africa, Chad, Ethiopia]
_______________________________>>>>>L3d1c [North Africa]
_______________________________>>L3d1d [SA]
______________________________>>L3d2 [Burkina]
______________________________>>>L3d3 [L3d3*: Jordan]
_________________________________>>>>L3d3a [SA" means non-Khoisan Southern Africans (often Mozambicans)]

Middle Eastern and North African results from my family members:

Uncle: Syria (Person A 7.6 cM, Person B 6.2 cM) Ethiopia (5.2 cM)

Grandmother: Syria (6.2 cM), Ethiopia (5.2 cM)

 Mother: Palestinian Territory (12.6 cM), Algeria (5.4 cM)

Grandfather: Palestinian Territory (12.3 cM), Turkey (5 cM, yes Turkey is West Asia, I know. But I thought it'd be interesting to include it anyways since I think it's linked with the general Eurasian theory/link from my father's African lineage to his apparent Middle Eastern ancestry), Syria (7.5 cM)

Friday, January 10, 2014

I'm still around

I've still actively researching. I just haven't posted in a few days. Stay tuned...

Monday, January 6, 2014


I believe the energies of Blogfest have manifested themselves onto my genealogical research in a positive way today. I have two sets of parents whom I believe to be the mothers and fathers of Frank and Winnie Carmon, respectively.

I've double and triple checked (Looks like my theory about Ayden, Pitt on the last blog was wrong. Frank is from Contentnea, NC. But it was a good hypothesis anywhoo. Trial by error. It's the only way. Well, wait a minute, that was Frank Griffin anyway. Now i'm mixing up relatives :) )

The Ancestors have called and I will answer.
So say we all.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Winnie Brown

I decided to go back to the Frank and Winnie Carmon branch today. I wanted to expand upon that branch in particular since it appeared a roadblock to progress. On the death certificate of Winnie Brown, the mother and father are listed as a Mel and Chamel Brown. However, upon viewing records, I believe that this information is wrong. Who knows the reason those names were put onto the certificate. Perhaps the spouse (If still living) or doctor did not know the name of her parents...

In looking at the 1910 census, I see that Winnie and Frank lived together with their children in Contentnea, North Carolina. This is when she became a Carmon. What made me realize that the Winnie Brown I was looking at is the one i'm searching for, is the fact that on the 1880 Census (Winnie Brown, born in 1871), there is a Winnie Brown listed as:

Name: Winnie Brown
Age: 8
Birth Year: abt 1872
Birthplace: North Carolina
Home in 1880: Contentnea, Pitt, North Carolina

Again, the birth year is off...However this is nothing new. In the 1920 and 1930 Census her birthday is given as 1874. While in the 1910 and 1880, Winnie Brown's date of birth is 1871.

The name of the father is given as a Merrils Brown,  while the mother's is Ohpona Brown. They are both from North Carolina. Again, i'm not exactly sure why there is such a difference between the two names...But I am optimistic that this is the Winnie Brown I am looking for. I will proceed to research as if this is the case. Of course, if I see any glaring innacuracies then I will start from scratch again. ( makes it easy to delete connections from your tree, and start over).