Saturday, December 28, 2013

Sorensom Database

So i've begun doing something I should have done a long time ago. I've reconnected with my matches on 23 and Me. Being connected to so many people was a little bit overwhelming. Before I only had maybe two generations of my family tree...And none of them matched my DNA relatives (Or if they did, there was still no immediately obvious connection).

Last night I started re-connecting with people, many I haven't talked to since at least June of this year. I had to apologize for my tardiness. It's my intent to continue this research but I did not have time to communicate with them and research because of school.

I feel like i'm going to have a major breakthrough soon.

When I was on GeneTree back before they merged with and became AncestryDNA, I learned some of my lines of descent. Direct, maternal, 1- and 2- difference match, etc etc. Luckily, I am still able to view that information on This is the website from where you can view all of your matches in this world from now all the way to the 1600s (In my case, perhaps further back).


I am going to start storing some of that information here.

When you search using your genetic markers, a list of people you match shows up on the next screen. Though the person themselves may not be visible, their family tree usually is.

So for example,

Zina Magdalene Beus is one of my direct descendant lines. So I can trace my ancestry on her family tree all the way to a Suzanne Bouisse, who presumably lived in Torino, Italy before her daughter Marie Meynier. Their names are interesting. They are very French, which makes sense since Torino is on the border between France and Italy. (I'm also reminded of the ever contested regione Savoia, the region directly along that border between the two countries). What's even more interesting is that I also have Swiss dna, over 20cM in fact. Of course Switzerland is also nearby Torino.

 I have over 291 matches in this database. Many are from Africa, from places like Togo, Cameroon, Congo, Nigeria, Mali, Ghana, and Benin; A confusing amalgam of foreign surnames and first names that are difficult to use for research at the moment. I also have matches in South American countries like Panama, Peru, and Brazil. I also have a match in Jordan and Portugal of all places as well.

Needless to say i'm only using the trees that have a wealth of information that I can use right now. Mainly from the US, since I think I can more easily connect those surnames in some way shape or form with those I have now at my disposal.

I am concentrating on the maternal surnames (The bottommost "Protected" is where the maternal ancestor is listed. I am using the daughters line as well since these were maternal connections according to Genetree).  


Mississippi. The Griffin surname is interesting. I will have to take a closer look.





Part 2 of Wales:

Another user with the same Welsh connex:

South Carolina. I'll be looking at this one more closely soon since my grandmother's side of the family is from South Carolina.