Friday, December 27, 2013

Paper Trails

When you start using in order to expand your family tree I can stress enough to follow the leaf hints that are given along the way.

This is a leaf that shows up whenever the information you've given into the database (Such as a date or location for a family member) matches another in their database. Now, the hints aren't always exact. For instance, on the pedigree chart I last showed you, I am searching for information on Mal and Chamel Brown. There seems to be literally zip about them online. But once I discovered their place of birth, both in Pitt, North Carolina, a leaf appeared. Unfortunately, the person I was taken to, a Manda C. Brown, does not seem to have anything in common with the facts I have for my family.

Another thing you genealogy aficionados might want to consider is the spelling of your family name. Just today i've come across several entries that tell me that the name Carmon, has been spelled both as Carman and Carmen. 

I'm not sure if this is a spelling error or the census or a something that changed from generation to generation in my family...For example, Frank and Winnie Carmon's children are all spelled "Carman". On some records, Frank and Winnie's surname is spelled -mon, others -man. And the most important question, yes they are the same person with the same children, each with their proper date and location of birth. I triple check my facts. 

James Carmon, the bother of my grandmother is actually spelled -men.

It's important to constantly scan paper trail items for information. I am a bit stuck on Winnie Carmon/Brown at the moment. I know her father and mother are named Mal and Chamel Brown respectively, but I have not been able to find their date of birth. Usually I can do so by searching for the birth records of their children (In this case Winnie Brown). But this part of the search is still posing a challenge.

Luckily I caught a break. I went back to the Death Certificate of Winnie Brown, resolved to use any facts presented. I discovered something I overlooked the first time. The place of birth for both Mal and Chamel are listed as "Pitt, North Carolina". Though it isn't a date of birth and though I remain stuck here now, it's something.

Pay close attention to those paper trails.

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