Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Military Brat

Today was another interesting day talking to my mother.

She told me about life in the military town of Jacksonville, North Carolina. She was born in Burlington but during her time in the Marines, she lived in Jacksonville. Apparently there were people from all over the world in this town.

One of her best friends was a woman from Greece by the name of Sophia Pappas. As far as I know Sophia Pappas was also from North Carolina.  Of the dishes she would make, my mother's favorite was her hummus. From a conversation with another one of her friends, a Kay Speckman from Jacksonville, she learned how to make hummus from scracth. I understand that it includes "Lots of garlic, garbanzo beans/paste, and olive oil". Now i'll really have to try that recipe. I've never had fresh hummus, only the one from Sabra (Roasted Garlic, which I love). I am currently on a pescetarian diet so now is the perfect time to learn how to make any and all tasty dishes that with sate my palette.

She also told me that when I was about 1 year old, Sophia and Kay came over to watch An American Tail (An animated tale about a Russian mouse named Fivel) with me and my mother. During the movie he sings a song called "Somewhere out there", during which all three "Grown women started crying", recounts my mother. Not the most important part of this log surely but definitely the most heartwarming.

One thing that drew me to this conversation is the presence of Sophia herself. The presence of Turkish and Hungarian dna in both my grandmother and grandfather lead me to believe that its from some sort of early presence in North Carolina. Perhaps early Melungeons.

P.S. I even tried to search for Sophia Pappas and would also try searching for Kay in order to reunite them and my mother. I know she has talked about wanted to find them before. 

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