Wednesday, December 25, 2013

James Ponybill Carmon: His Ancestors

Last night I wrote that, "I have since not been able to locate the parents of James Ponybill Carmon".

Yet today the very opposite is true. I have added to my family tree two people I am pretty certain are his parents. It all started last night. On the WWII Draft I posted in the first blog, I saw the name of the man that James Ponybill Carmon worked for, a Mr Luther Dail. Since he was a farmer then my great grandfather was most likely a hand of labor on his farm. It's also important to note that both my great grandfather's address and his place of employment is RAD #1 (Via Google Earth you can see that today it is still a large stretch of land, paved here and there but largely rural country). Mr Luther Dail of course being the employer.

In searching for more information about Luther Dail, I found that he signed the WWII Draft card for another member of the Carmon family by the name of Grover (B. 1906). This is significant because he was also born in the Winterville, Pitt area of North Carolina, just like my great grandfather. Also his place of employment and his living address are also that which belongs to his employer, Mr Luther Dail.

Grover Carmon's address, about 1940: Rte 1 (Today located in Wagram, NC 28396)
James Ponybill Carmon's address, about 1940: 1 Rad (Today located in St Lillington, NC 27546)

Since Grover was born in 1906, he's obviously not the father of James Ponybill Carmon. So suffices to say he's probably an older brother (I don't think he's a cousin). Via Google Maps you can see that these two places are a mere 1 hour and 30 minutes apart. So they both lived relatively nearby.

The next thing to do was to find Grover Carmon's parents (Since I had no luck searching for James Ponybill Carmon's). I eventually found a Frank and Winnie Carmon, whom I had previously ignored. When I had ignored them previously, I saw that there was a James Carmon in their family, but not seeing his middle name "Ponybill" and noticing that his date of birth was off by two years, I dismissed it. However, I am almost 100% certain that these are the parents of my great grandfather.

I have previously learned that while searching for other family members and being 100% sure the information i'm seeing matches theirs, that sometimes date of births can be off by a few years. I haven't accepted a margin of error greater than 2 so far. But I know that it's a possibility and need to keep that in mind for future research.  


  1. Great detective work I'm anticipating your next just keeps getting better.