Monday, December 30, 2013


Here are my grandma's results on Interpretome, a popular user friendly site that allows you to compare your genetic data with that of various populations around the world. 

(I haven't been doing a lot of genealogy searches for the past day or so. I figured i'd post as a sort of space filler. I used my grandma's data on interpretome yesterday and the results are interesting...)

HGDP African Populations

Grandma's Results: Show Mozabite and Bantu Speakers North immediately side by side, with a little diamond nearby representing Bantu Speakers Southern.

FYI, the Mozabite "The Mozabite people are a Berber ethnic group living in M'zab in the northern Sahara. They speak Tumzabt. Most of them are Ibadi Muslims. Most also speak Arabic, though they use the Zenati dialect of the Berber language in everyday life." Genetically they are more Eurasian and North African, with Subsaharan lineages only covering about 12.9% of their genome on average.

Middle East/Jewish affinity

Popres European- The British and Italian ancestry which 23 and Me has shown is clear. It's interesting that my grandfather has detectable Turkish ancestry on 23 and Me, though my grandmother hasn't shown any yet. But on this application she at least seems to have some affinity. 

HGDP World. My grandmother is smack dab in the middle of a Near Eastern and African reference.

Reference Populations. Between Subsaharan African and East African.


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  2. Thanks for the tip. I am going to check this site out.

  3. This is really very detailed. Good work. Thanks for sharing the information and site.

  4. You always do a great job of presentation cousin. I hadn't heard of that site Interpretome. will have to check it out. Your posts are always interesting. looking forward to more

    1. Thanks cuz. I look forward to seeing more from you too. I will help you learn how to use Interpretome.

  5. How do you figure out percentages with it. I see them to the side and bottom but it doesn't say if thats for european or NA or Near East? I'm only just figuring out how to read these.