Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Family Genetics

So i'm going to log offline for a while. Otherwise i'll go into research addict mode. But I want to share my genetics results. Actually I prefer to share my grandmother's and grandfather's results as they are older and give more insight into our family history. I've found that like African ancestry, European and Asian ancestry can also be unreliably determined from later generations such as myself (Being a mix of ancestries from both my mother and father and their mothers and fathers, grandparents, etc).

Here are the results for my grandmother, Jeanette Carmon. For myself, having a mix of dna is amazing. Not all, but many other people of African descent don't like knowing they have European dna. I'm not one of those people. Nor do I believe that all of my European dna is from the time of slavery. I am very open minded about the journey i'm on.  In fact, I am a part of a group on Facebook for people of African descent who have tested. I have learned of several people who have found out that some of their white ancestors were slaves themselves (Research "Barbadosed", Irish slaves in the Caribbean). So i've never been one to assume. 

Unfortunately, the major roadblock I have to discovering the lines which lie beyond my American ancestors is genealogical research. I am now as far back as the 1800s...Which is a great accomplishment. I know, however, (Using my genetic markers on the Sorensom database) that I have ancestors as far back as the 1600s from Mali, Nigeria, Cameroon, (Glamorgan) Wales, (Torino) Italy, and even South America. Their names are at my disposal but are of no use until I can get past the current roadblocks.

One of the most interesting tales in my family is of my great grandfather on my grandmother's side, name unknown, apparently being a full blooded Native American. Such tales are not uncommon in America, especially in African American families. Some though not all tend to be the work of fancy.

If I had resolved to test myself alone, I wouldn't have thought anything of my own mere 1.1% Native/East Asian dna. However, seeing as my grandmother also has about 1.1%, my mother has 1.2%, and I 1.1% (And also my uncle and grandfather both have 0.7), there might be something to the tale.

But, I think of it like this.

If my grandmother's father (Unless I heard it wrong) was really full blooded Native, I would expect to have approximately (Cause it's never exact) 12% of his dna. I would also expect my grandmother to be half Native and I know that she is not. Seeing that grandmother's dna has only 1% Native/East Asian, then this person would be past the great great descendant line, assuming the mathematics of this chart is right on average. So in conclusion, while I don't doubt that there is some truth to this tale, I do have my doubts about whether or not he was 100% full blooded Native.

But only time will tell.

On, a very useful database of genetic calculators, which aren't by any means without fault, and they merely tell you how close to populations you are, my mother's secondary populations have read as Athabask and Aleut, both North Amerindian/Alaskan Native populations. This is very different from the Cherokee and Choctaw myths but still leave a very interesting alternative version to the original story. Or perhaps those groups are genetically close to the North Amerindians? That is a question as I have no idea myself.

My Mother's Results:
On Dodecad K7b Oracle:

#Primary Population (source) Secondary Population (source) Distance
1 91.9%Mandenka (HGDP) + 8.1%Chuvashs (Behar) @ 1.15
2 92.1%Mandenka (HGDP) + 7.9%Mordovians (Yunusbayev) @ 1.25
3 92.2%Mandenka (HGDP) + 7.8%Russian (HGDP) @ 1.3
4 91.9%Bantu_S.E._Tswana (HGDP) + 8.1%Hungarians (Behar) @ 1.35

On World 9 Oracle
#Primary Population (source) Secondary Population (source) Distance
1 93.2%Mandenka + 6.8%Aleut @ 1
2 84.5%YRI30 (HGDP) + 15.5%Dominican @ 1.24
3 85%Bantu_S.W._Herero (HGDP) + 15%Dominican @ 1.24

Note that the Aleut are an Alaskan Native tribe. Dodecad K7b marks out family affinity with Eurasian groups, of which Amerindian (I believe) and Eastern/Central European (I know) are a part.

Here is my grandfather's chart.

I have currently reached out to a history of North Carolinians of Hungarian descent group. Both my grandmother and father, actually all of us, possess a large amount of dna from Central and East Europe (Slovenia, Hungary, Romania. Especially the last two). We also have dna from Russia, Serbia, etc. Not believing in coincidences, I believe that both lines of their family got this dna in America, as opposed to from distant relatives non-American relatives. Before it was speculated that it might be from a melungeon ancestor which is possible.

Not having found much information online, I have contacted the president of the aforementioned organization in an effort to learn about their history in the state as well as to learn where I can discover more about their presence in early North Carolina.

If I didn't already tell you, this is my major. So I technically don't have a lot of free time on my hands as much as I have a lot of future work experience lol.

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